Work-in-progress shot of a large reinforced concrete construction project for a STW with complex shaping and forming of the steel reinforcement and concrete - Carney Construction


Specialist Reinforced Concrete

Our Specialist Reinforced Concrete division delivers a range of construction services. From reinforcement design and site assessments, to the supply and installation of key reinforcement materials such as steels bars, mesh, and pre-fabricated elements.

Our experienced engineers and designers provide specialist support tailored to the specific requirements of your project. They utilise the latest software and industry best practices to devise customised solutions which ensure the quality, integrity and durability of your reinforced construction.

Whatever the project, our Specialist Reinforced Concrete division works hand-in-hand with our project partners. This keeps safety and quality at the forefront of every endeavour, overcoming even the most complex technical challenges to ensure projects are delivered on time, defect-free and within budget.