Group of specialist contractors working on a large-scale reinforced concrete structure using specialist long-range concrete pouring equipment on site at a busy live airport


Based in Reading, Carney Construction has delivered successful projects across England and Wales for over 30 years.

From bridges to sea-walls, Carney's track-record covers all types of structures, in any environment.




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Featured image for Heathrow Airport (Airside) Kilo Apron Box

Heathrow Airport (Airside) Kilo Apron Box

The Kilo Taxi Lane Enhancement project aimed to transform the existing cul-de-sac operation at Heathrow Airport, between Terminal 1/Pier 3 and T2A/T2B, into an efficient through-taxiway. The project successfully overcame technical challenges related to airside operations, including obtaining necessary passes, maintaining safety standards, and implementing innovative practices.

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Featured image for Deephams STW Shaft

Deephams STW Shaft

Deephams STW required extensive investment of over £40 million for improvement works. The first stage of works was to construct a new pumping station to increase the flow rates going to the new STW. J Murphy Construction acted as Principal contractor for Thames Water.

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