Specialist Reinforced Concrete construction plant long distance concrete pouring crane being used by Carney Construction at Heathrow Airport

Heathrow Airport (Airside) Kilo Apron Box

Project overview

The Kilo Taxi Lane Enhancement project aimed to transform the existing cul-de-sac operation at Heathrow Airport, between Terminal 1/Pier 3 and T2A/T2B, into an efficient through-taxiway. The project successfully overcame technical challenges related to airside operations, including obtaining necessary passes, maintaining safety standards, and implementing innovative practices.

Key info

  • Efficient Through-Taxiway: Improved taxi times
  • Innovative Solutions: Award-winning approach
  • Ahead of Schedule: Completed 2 months early
  • Top Safety Performance: Leading Heathrow in safety

The Kilo taxi lanes currently operate as two separate cul-de-sacs (North and South) between the sites of the existing Terminal 1/Pier 3 and T2A to the west, and T2B to the east. The two cul-de-sacs are separated by the Euro lounge and Euro pier buildings connecting the buildings between the east and west.

The key object of the project is the creation of a Kilo through-taxiway, seven new stands and a substructure “The Box” built below the taxiway for future subsurface Early Bag Store (EBS), and tunnels for baggage and Track Systems (TTS).

The new stands require the construction of VCC234 and the relocation of a coaching gate which currently occupies VCC235. A Kilo through-Taxiway will reduce the current disruptions caused by a cul-de-sac operation and improve taxi times. To achieve this, the euro lounge and Euro pier buildings need to be demolished.

Technical Detail – Kilo Apron Box

  • 7,500 tonnes of reinforcement
  • 30,000m3 of concrete
  • 28 Reinforcement Fixers
  • 12 Shuttering Carpenters
  • 6 Skilled Operatives
  • 5 Plant Operatives
  • 12 Slingers
  • 4 Scaffolders
  • Project Manager
  • Logistics co-ordinator
  • 56m Concrete Pump
  • 36m Concrete Pump
  • 3 Concrete pours per week
  • 700m3 Average pour size
  • All directly employed staff

Technical Challenges

  • Airside Pass Applications
  • Escorting operatives in and out of the airport
  • Pour sequencing
  • Airside deliveries
  • Health, Safety & Environmental challenges of an airport
  • 75 directly employed operatives
  • Quality Standards
  • Principle Contractor and Heathrow Airport stakeholder interface


  • At the point of fixing the base, a maximum of 11 tonnes of reinforcement was fixed per operative per day
  • 3 Concrete Pours Per Week
  • 2 Months ahead of original programme
  • 75 operatives escorted in at 6:00 every day
  • 75 operatives escorted out at 18:30 every day
  • 50 Airside Blue Passes Obtained to date
  • Fleet of minibuses managed daily with Airside Driving Passes
  • Innovation Case Studies Awarded to Carney
  • Top of the Heathrow leader board for Safety, Innovation, Environmental, Compliance & Delivery

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