Modern Slavery & Anti Human Trafficking Policy

The Modern Slavery & Anti Human Trafficking Policy was last updated on January 20, 2023

Carney Construction Ltd wherever it operates around the country is committed to conducting business with honesty and integrity; in treating all people with dignity and respect and in complying with applicable laws, regulations and treaties.

Carney Construction Ltd is also committed to protecting and promoting human rights globally.

Carney Construction Ltd does not tolerate child labour, forced labour, including prison labour, or any use of force or other forms of coercion, fraud, deception, abuse of power or other means to achieve control over another person for the purpose of exploitation.

Carney Construction Ltd respects international principles of human rights including, but not limited to, those expressed in the UN Declaration of Human Rights, United Nations Global Compact Principles, Children’s Rights and Business Principles, Women’s Empowerment Principles and those principles contained within the UK Government Modern Slavery Act 2015.

Carney Construction Ltd complies with the employment laws of every country in which it operates and expects those with whom it does business to do the same. Carney Construction Ltd also complies with national and international laws governing supply chain management and expect those with whom it does business to do the same.

During 2023-24 Carney Construction Ltd will:

Make all existing suppliers aware of its Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Policy and Disclosure Statement.

The UK Government Modern Slavery Act 2015 requires certain disclosures if they meet the threshold of turnover. Carney Construction Ltd does not meet that threshold at this time.

Internal processes and procedures allow us to clearly identify high risk supply chains and/or areas within our supply chains where there is an increased risk of modern slavery. It should be noted that Carney Construction Ltd default position is to source from suppliers where we are able to trace back to the raw material.

Existing and new employees directly involved in procurement, human resources and the supply chain will be supplied with this policy containing issues of legal compliance, including modern slavery and human trafficking.

All employees will be informed at induction about our policies regarding modern slavery and trafficking within a sustainability, ethical business and human rights context.

Signed: John Carney, Director
Date: 20th January 2023