Environmental Policy

The Environmental Policy was last updated on January 6, 2023

The Policy

It is the policy of J Carney Construction Ltd that at all times, so far as is practicable, its operations are carried out in such a manner as to comply with all relevant Environmental Protection Legislation currently in force.

This policy Statement is endorsed by the director of J Carney Construction Ltd and is the direct concern of all employees to be accountable for its successful implementation in their own particular area of responsibility.

The policy demands that all site operations undertaken by J Carney Construction Ltd will take into account any governmental statutory requirements, industry best practice and relevant British and International Standards.

The incorporation of the philosophy of providing J Carney’s Clients with the most innovative techniques available without incurring excessive costs is a further cornerstone of our company policy.

Duty as an Employer

The Director of the company recognises and accepts the general duties, which are imposed upon the Company as an employer, by UK and European Governmental Legislation. 

The Director with special responsibility for environmental issues is Mr John Carney, his role is to: 

  1. Set an example at all times by insisting that all site personnel are made aware of the provisions of the Act and their own responsibilities under it 
  2. Ensure that managers are given adequate information, instruction and training to enable them to fully understand and comply with industry best practices and ISO/BS standards 
  3. Ensure that all J Carney employees and others engaged by J Carney Construction Ltd on site are made aware of all relevant aspects of the primary and secondary legislation including: 
    • Environmental Protection Act 1990 
    • Clean Air Act 1993 
    • Pollution Prevention and Control Act 1990. 
  4. Co-ordinate all liaison, consultation and co-operation with the relevant statutory bodies including: 
    • Environment Agency 
    • Local Authorities 
    • Industry Associations. 
  5. Bring to the attention of all clients any relevant sections of environmental legislation impacting on the work being undertaken on their behalf.

Duty of Employees

Site Supervisors must accept responsibility for:

  1. Organising the site in such a manner as to ensure that all operations are carried out in a manner which causes minimum impact on the environment
  2. Setting an example at all times by utilising the appropriate procedures and operating strictly in accordance with the operational guidelines laid down
  3. Maintaining all plant and equipment in a satisfactory condition, so as not to pollute the environment and reporting immediately any defects to the Director of J Carney Construction Ltd ENV 06.01.21 – Rev 4
  4. Ensuring that all employees are given instruction as to the correct methods of operating so as to avoid environmental contamination
  5. Observing the requirements of relevant code of practice for the type of work being undertaken
  6. Maintaining all statutory registers and reporting all incidents at the proper time
  7. Compliance with the requirements for gathering, identifying, segregating, and safe storage and ultimate disposal of all waste materials generated by J Carney’s operations.

It is expected that all employees will accept and recognise the general duties, which are imposed upon them by the Environmental Protection Act 1990.

Employees must at all times:

  1. Recognise that they have legal duty to take all reasonable care to observe all the provisions of the Act, especially any environmental impact, which may be affected by their actions or omissions whilst at work
  2. Co-operate fully with the company and its representatives in all matters relating to the implementation of this policy
  3. Use all plant and equipment provided in the manner laid down for efficient, pollution-free working
  4. Avoid the use of unsuitable or improvised equipment and plant and report all defects to their superiors
  5. Not intentionally or recklessly interfere with or misuse any equipment provided in the interest of environmental protection.

Signed: John Carney, Director
Date: 6th January 2023